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Our story

We are a Scandinavian lifestyle brand with a passion for creating handmade and environmentally friendly reading glasses.
We don’t want glasses to feel like a boring necessity - instead, we aim to bring some fun into the everyday by providing you with fashionable and high quality accessories. We'll help you find a pair of glasses that are just the right fit for you and your unique taste, at a reasonable price.

How we create it

GLAS have something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a pair of classic frames or more innovative models. All of our glasses are also infused with a well thought out and stylish design, with sustainability and quality serving as our most important core values.

Reading glasses for you

In order to ensure high quality while also being able to keep prices down, we work directly with our producers. The frames are produced without chemicals or harmful additives and the material is biodegradable, and therefore entirely recyclable. This makes our frames sustainable for you, your wallet and the environment.

Enhance everyday beauty

Fashionable and high quality glasses and eyewear accessories designed in Stockholm.

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